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FOR EMPLOYERSYour Guide to Doing Quality Business with Us
Why hire a Filipino worker instead of other foreign nationalities?

The Philippines is a conservative country rich in values, skills, talents, resources, history, culture and heritage. As such, the Philippines is known around the world to be the home of skilled and industrious workers particularly for the following reasons:  

  • The Filipino can easily adapt to any language of any nationality.
  • English is the second spoken language of Filipinos next to their local dialect.
  • They are unique among other nationalities for being neat, patient, hardworking and willing to learn in virtually every field of expertise.
  • Filipino domestic and household workers are preferred by many employers in the Middle East and other parts of the world because they can speak English well, outclassing their counterparts from other countries.
  • Filipino nurses and teachers are being mass hired abroad not only for their skills but most particularly for their homegrown values and their genuine care and concern for other people, making them among the best teachers and nurses in the world.

It is a fact that there are even Filipinos who are known to have worked with the best minds in the whole world. Whether skilled or non-skilled, hiring a Filipino is a good and preferable choice.

What should I do if I am interested to get Filipino workers?

First, you should communicate with us thru fax or email. Kindly state the following in your inquiry:

Company name, complete office address and name of person to contact in your office,
How many workers to be hired,
Position of workers to be hired, qualifications for each category, the salary offered for each category and certain working conditions for example: food and accommodation, overtime and transportation of workers in the job site.

Please wait for our reply regarding our proposed terms and conditions.

What are the documents that I need to prepare to get the workers?

When you agree with our terms, you may send us the following by courier:

A photocopy of your business license (if company is requiring skilled workers) with English translation,
2. Passport copy if individual,
Special Power of Attorney or SPA in the name of AB International Placement / Yolanda R. Salvador,
Working visa,
5. Manpower request, attested by the Labor Attache of the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate.
6. Employment contract of workers to be hired duly verified / authenticated by the Labor Attache of the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate.

The Philippine Embassy nearest your office can give you a complete set of documents to be prepared.

How can I select the kind of workers that I need?

Direct and personal interview is still the best way to hire a worker. We can make a hotel reservation for you if in case you want to visit the Philippines for your personal interview. Just give us an advanced notice and your flight details before you travel here in the Philippines. If it's not possible for you to personally travel here in the Philippines, you can send an emissary representing your company or we can arrange a scheduled phone interview between you and the applicants after we send you their documents: photocopy of workers' comprehensive resume, certificates, passport etc.

How long should I wait after I select the workers?

You can expect the workers to be working with you and your company within three (3) weeks or less after the formalities have been completed and upon submission of complete documents from employer.


FOR APPLICANTSYour Guide to Reaching Your Dreams Abroad
How do I apply for a job opening?
You can apply online, call us by phone, send us an email, or better yet, go directly to our office where you can fill up a biodata form. You can view our contact information at our Contact Us page.
What is the difference between applying personally and applying online?

When you apply online, you include yourself in our manpower pool so we can easily locate applicants in accordance to their skills or job categories. Online application includes basic information about yourself such as your name, gender, age, contact information, job position desired, basic skills, years of experience and salary expectation. When you apply directly to our office, you will fill up a biodata form with more information about yourself and your references for the previous or current jobs that you hold. Also, it would be easier to answer your questions personally in our office. In any case, we advise applicants to do both: apply online and report to our office.

What do I need to bring when I go to your office?

The most important things that you should bring are:

Your passport if any,
Documents relating to your credentials as proof of your capability as a worker for the position (ex. Certificates for trainings or seminars, employment certificate, transcript of records, etc.) and
2x2 pictures and whole body picture preferably in working attire.
How much is my salary?

Your salary is negotiable, depending on your qualifications and the needs of the employer. It is best to discuss this personally in our office.

How long do I need to wait upon selection before I am deployed?
More or less three (3) weeks, provided all documents for submission are complete.
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